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Biodiversity in Paradise

Raja Ampat, which literally means ‘Four Kings’ in Bahasa Indonesia, is a group of islands located at the heart of the Coral Triangle.

The archipelago boasts 69% of the world’s stony coral species, 27% of the planet’s coral reef fishes, and 10% of the Earth’s known mantis shrimp species. The islands are also home to lush rainforests that harbor a wide range of freshwater and terrestrial mollusks; arthropods; and vertebrates, including 40% of New Guinea’s bird species (8 of which belong to the stunning ‘Bird of Paradise’ family) and a cornucopia of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Experience the physical beauty and astounding wildlife of this most delightful corner of the planet through detailed descriptions of its climate, geography, complex geology, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, flora, and fauna, as well as its fascinating human history and rich culture.

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